BGWLC Weightlifting Annual Club Championships – video

BGWLC weightlifter Chris Ryan has put together two great videos of the annual weightlifting club championships, held on 13th December.

The lifters were split into two groups – novice lifters, who have never competed before; and experienced lifters. Each group had 1st, 2nd & 3rd place rankings; totals were adjusted for bodyweight & age.


1st place: Tom (90 snatch / 117 jerk / 207 total)
2nd place: Jorge (85 / 103 / 207)
3rd place: Vagellis (78 / 100 / 178)

Experienced lifters:

1st place: Pat (57 / 75 / 132)
2nd place: Micky (65 / 95 / 160)
3rd place: Mark (97 / 118 / 215)

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

BWL Southern Masters 2014 – results

Here are the abbreviated results of the BWL Southern Masters, which was held at BGWLC on 8th November 2014. Click here to download the full results in Excel format.

Name Bodyweight (kg) Best Snatch Best Jerk Total (kg) Sinclair
Derek STEWART 60.90 28 28 56 82.04
Alan OLDERSHAW 97.80 28 26 54 60.61
Andre SKRYPIJ 72.40 50 55 105 137.08
Pat ATTERIDGE 63.50 57 80 137 194.82
David MANION 91.10 66 90 156 180.43
Mohammed BUTT 106.30 55 85 140 152.35
Mark BASS 88.60 95 117 212 248.34
Zauro GARDENAL 88.90 110 125 235 274.85
Mark WELCH 80.60 80 107 187 229.66
Peter CARDONA 68.10 75 97 172 233.35
Graham SKINNER 93.50 82 107 189 216.11
Chris RYAN 94.60 80 109 189 215.04
Stephen DODD 60.90 45 67 112 164.08
Gurdaeer DHESI 95.90 82 120 202 228.52
Stuart CHOATE 85.50 83 105 188 224.02
John ATTERIDGE 80.90 80 112 192 235.34
Heather ALLISON 57.10 48 53 101 143.84
Dyana ALTENOR 54.00 47 58 105 156.06
Sophia CASUPANG 52.80 36 51 87 131.63
Gwen LEICK 53.00 27 35 62 93.52
Kaye GUGICH 66.00 37 40 77 99.29
Tim BELL 71.30 50 75 125 164.73
Ryan MORTON 113.00 90 111 201 214.49
Tony DOWN 76.40 80 95 175 221.36
Michael ROACH 69.20 67 100 167 224.24
Matt RODWELL 94.40 118 141 259 294.94
Lloyd MORGAN 78.10 80 90 170 212.39

Thanks to the referees: Caroline Charles, Heather Allison, David Manion, Alan Oldershaw, Denise Ramsey-Overall and Stuart Choate.

Click here to see a video of some of the lifts.

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

London & South East Open – report

BWL London & South East Open, Crystal Palace, 1st November 2014

By Patrick Atteridge

Hamza Abiyo, who is the new weightlifting coach at the Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club, showed how it’s done with a great display of power & skill on Saturday 1st November, at the London & South East Open.

He broke the club records in all movements in the 105kg class, only weighing 96.45kg.

Stating with a light opener of 105kg in the snatch, he jumped to 115kg, making this look easier than his first lift. He then asked for a massive 125kg for a personal best and new club record; amazingly, he made this his best lift. The crowd went mad, as I think no-one believed he could do this with a 10kg jump.

The clean & jerk was to prove a bit harder, as from his last snatch to his opener there was less than 15 minutes, and Hamza wasn’t fully recovered – but recovery is the name of the game!

After a near miss on his opener, with 125kg, he asked for 132kg. This proved to be much better. He then asked for 137kg for a personal best clean & jerk, and total. This final lift was better than the previous two!

Hamza finished in 3rd place, with new Bethnal Green records in all lifts. Well done Hamza!

Hamza coaching weightlifters at BGWLC

Hamza coaching weightlifters at BGWLC. Photo by Sarah Ainslie.

If you want to lift with Coach Hamza, he is at BGWLC on Wednesday & Friday evenings, Thursday mornings and Saturday 10am-12pm. See our Opening Times for details.

Bethnal Green Legend: Patrick Atteridge

Veteran BGWLC weightlifter Patrick Atteridge is the second Bethnal Green lifter to be profiled in our Legends pages. Pat has lifted at Bethnal Green since 1972, and coached weightlifting there until 2007. He still visits the gym regularly to train, and occasionally coach a select group of masters weightlifters.

Great Britain vs Morocco, 1975

Great Britain vs Morocco, 1975

How long have you been lifting, and what made you decide to start?

I got into weight training initially after contracting at blood disease. When I came out of hospital I only weighed 6 stone and wanted to build myself up. I started training at a gym in Peckham in 1970, and in 1971 coach Ray Cornish suggested I try weightlifting. In 1972 I started lifting at Bethnal Green under coach George Manners. My first competition was the same year, where I won the Home Counties Juniors, & qualified for the British Juniors. Unfortunately I bombed out of that competition, but went on to win the under-23s later on that year.

British Masters, Glasgow, 1999

British Masters, Glasgow, 1999

Tell us some of your competition history

I lifted for Great Britain at 2 internationals in the 1970s – GB vs Denmark in 1973, and GB vs Morocco in 1975.

I stopped working in 1975 to try for the 1976 Montreal Olympics, but unfortunately wasn’t selected. Then I stopped lifting altogether due to family commitments. But in 1978 I came back to Bethnal Green and began coaching.

Greater London Championships, 1987

Greater London Championships, 1987

In 1997 I started competing again, in the masters division. I won gold at the World Masters Games 2002 in Melbourne, and at the European Masters in 2007. I’ve taken 13 other silver & bronze medals in World & European championships.

You’ve been successful as a coach as well as a lifter. Who are some of the greats you’ve coached?

I both trained & taught weightlifting in Dalston from 1978-2001, and coached at Bethnal Green until 2007. At the moment I teach weightlifting in Hackney.

Giles Greenwood, Commonwealth Games medallist.

Denise Ramsay-Overall, Olympic athlete, representing Trinidad and Tobago.

Juliana Auguste, who lifted at the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

Dyana Altenor, Jennifer Maysmor-Gee, Sonia Stevens & Heather Allison – all top-ranked British seniors & masters, with a clutch of metals and titles between them.

Karl Grant, who lifted at the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

Mark Welch, Andy Joy and my brother John Atteridge, all British seniors & masters.

World Masters, 2003

World Masters, 2003

Name some lifters you admire

I’ve always thought that with enough training, I could be as good as anyone else. I looked up to other lifters, but believed I could be as good as anyone if I worked hard enough.

Two weightlifters I took inspiration from were Jimmy Beeching, and of course Eddie Pengelly.

European Masters 2005

European Masters 2005

What are your personal bests, and your favourite lift?

In training, and in the 60kg class (as it was then) Р155kg  back squat, 105kg bench (without any specific training), 205kg deadlift (again, without specific training), 92.5kg snatch and 122.5kg clean & jerk.

In competition, 90kg snatch and 120kg clean & jerk.

My favourite lift is the clean and jerk.

Pat and Henry at BGWLC today

Pat and Henry at BGWLC today

What do you like about training at Bethnal Green?

Originally, the standard of lifters was very high, so you were encouraged to improve by the people around. I always felt I was playing catch-up & was dragged up by the standard of the others. You had to be outstanding to stand out among the lifters at Bethnal Green.

Today, I think the gym has a lovely atmosphere, and it encourages a feeling like you want to achieve among the others. I still like to see a good lift performed well, and you’ll see that at Bethnal Green.

World Masters 2012

World Masters 2012

LSE weightlifting last chance qualifier @ Crystal Palace – report

By Chris Ryan

Today I travelled down to Crystal Palace to compete in the London & South East Weightlifting last chance qualifier as the only representative of the club. We usually would have more people competing but our other lifters were either engaged in the match against the Germans, were carrying injuries or simply did not get their entries in on time.

I weighed in at 94.25kg which is the lightest I’ve been for a long time. At my last competition in March I was 101.7kg.


My planned opener was 75kg. I snatched 83kg in training last week so was hoping to surpass that today. I warmed up comfortably to 75kg with no misses on the way which got me feeling confident.

My first attempt on 75kg was a complete disaster; it looked completely different to my warmups and ended up going behind me.

The second attempt was much the same and ended up behind.

The pressure was on now but luckily I got my act together and hit 75kg on my third and final attempt, sparing me from my first bomb out!

Clean and Jerk

Planned opener was 100kg here. I got 107.5kg recently in training and I was feeling confident of more in the tank. I went up to 100 in the warmup room which was comfortable enough although not perfect.

100kg – three whites for this, easy enough.

108kg – The clean was a bit tougher but again, three white lights were granted. This was a PB for me (both in training and in competition).

114kg – failed on the clean.

I ended up with a 183kg total @ 94.25kg bodyweight which is also a PB. My thanks go out to Hamza for the coaching and to Diane for the expert filming of (most of) my lifts.

Below is a video of my attempts from the day (minus the third snatch).