Ernie Parkes winning golds!

Congratulations to the amazing Ernie Parkes (M4 u74kg) on winning gold and overall gold medals with his world record 227.5kg deadlift in this year’s World’s Classic Powerlifting Competition. This makes him the first 70yr+ to pull 3x his bodyweight!

Ernie had to jump 15kg to beat the Japanese competitor in an exciting head to head.

He was presented with a lovely cake by Henry Bergson to mark this occasion.

BGWLC Weightlifting Annual Club Championships – video

BGWLC weightlifter Chris Ryan has put together two great videos of the annual weightlifting club championships, held on 13th December.

The lifters were split into two groups – novice lifters, who have never competed before; and experienced lifters. Each group had 1st, 2nd & 3rd place rankings; totals were adjusted for bodyweight & age.


1st place: Tom (90 snatch / 117 jerk / 207 total)
2nd place: Jorge (85 / 103 / 207)
3rd place: Vagellis (78 / 100 / 178)

Experienced lifters:

1st place: Pat (57 / 75 / 132)
2nd place: Micky (65 / 95 / 160)
3rd place: Mark (97 / 118 / 215)

Congratulations to everyone who took part!