(1) There will be a 10 minute break between each group.
(2) There will only be a break between the snatch and clean and jerk, if the group has six or less lifters.
(3) Lot numbers have been allocated and will be retained with the lifter throughout the competition even if they move categories and / or groups. Once the groups have been confirmed on completion of weigh in, then the lot number will be changed to the start number.
(4) The timetable is a guide only. If the number of lifters in Group 1 are absent, then we shall start all other groups earlier. If one lifter is missing then we will start 9 minutes earlier. Of course all my timing are theoretical and it is subjected to how fast or slow a group may run. We will not wait, but carry straight on. Therefore you should follow the course of competition very carefully.
(5) All competitors should remain in the venue during the competition – that is from weigh in – until completion of group. If you wish to leave then you must inform the Technical Controller – who shall be appointed on the day.

Start List for Saturday.

Start List for Sunday

Ernie Parkes winning golds!

Congratulations to the amazing Ernie Parkes (M4 u74kg) on winning gold and overall gold medals with his world record 227.5kg deadlift in this year’s World’s Classic Powerlifting Competition. This makes him the first 70yr+ to pull 3x his bodyweight!

Ernie had to jump 15kg to beat the Japanese competitor in an exciting head to head.

He was presented with a lovely cake by Henry Bergson to mark this occasion.

Abbie K selected for the Invictus Games

Congratulations to our lifter Abbie Kasparis who has been selected for Team UK for The Invictus Games in Sydney in October. Earlier this year, Abbie was referred to coach Martin Bass to improve her benching with a view to securing a place in the Invictus team. She was fortunate to get picked (72 competitors from 451 applicants) and is looking forward to October in Australia.

International Powerlifting Coaches UK

Renowned powerlifting coach and current manager of the GBPF British seniors team, Lawrence Farncombe, has put together a list of the top powerlifting coaches in the UK. We are proud to announce that our powerlifting coach, Martin Bass, is on this list, reflecting his success at both national and international level.

If you are in or near London and are serious about powerlifting, come and see us for some of the best coaching in the country. If you’re not near London, take a look at Coach Farncombe’s list to find a great coach near you.

International Powerlifting Coaches UK