Loaders needed – 29th July at BGWLC

Calling all boys and girls of all persuasions!

This month is Pride in London, and on the 29th of London we will have our first ever Pride Powerlifting Competition!

We’ve got the lifters, we’ve got the referees, the medals and the music, we just need some loaders. No experience neccessary, just enthusiasm and support. 

Want to sign up? email Ron Pyke or Dom Patmore.

For more information about the competition, visit the LGBT London Powerlifting page on Facebook.

IPF World Classic 2016


BGWLC had two lifters at 2016’s IPF World Championships: Ernie Parkes (83kg M4), and Anna Macnab (84kg+ Senior). Both performed brilliantly as part of the Great Britain team.

Ernie Parkes became the World Champion in his class, finishing with a 155kg squat, 90kg bench, 222.5kg deadlift and 467.5kg total. Well done Ernie!

Anna Macnab came 9th in her very competitive class, finishing with 197.5kg squat, 90kg bench, 202.5kg deadlift and 490kg total. All 4 results were new personal bests for Anna, plus her 202.5kg deadlift is a new British record!

Thanks also must go to our powerlifting coach Martin Bass, who traveled to Texas to help out with the GBR team.


GBPF British Classics 2015 – full results

With all the results in from the GBPF British Classics, here are the results for the BGWLC lifters. Full results can be found on the GBPF site.

For photos and videos, please see our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Well done to all our lifters – here’s to an even better 2016!

Category Best
Total Place
Rachel Smith 52 75 37.5 107.5 220 6
Leah Grant 63 120 60 140 320 8
Laura Porter 72 102.5 55 125 282.5 16
Ellie Rahmani 84 110 52.5 142.5 305 7
Sylvia Osei-Tutu 84+ 115 80 155 350 7
Alan Joseph 83 190 122.5 247.5
560 15
Ivan Otim 93 185 115 265 565 25
Diego Martinez Rodney 93 230 142.5 265 637.5 9
Reece Smith 105 240 157.5 272.5 670 8
Kieran Stubbings 105 SJ 195 127.5 207.5 530 4
George Seeger 93 J 212.5 130 275 617.5 10

GBPF 4 Nations 2015 – results

The 4 Nations is an annual competition held by the GBPF featuring teams from Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. Each region selects 8 lifters from national competitions to compete for a trophy and the title of Best Home Nation.

This year, BGWLC had two lifters selected to compete for England – Thomas Celestin (105kg) and Fred Annan (93kg), based on their performances at the All-England. Each nation selects only 4 male and 4 female lifters in each of the equipped and unequipped categories, so this was a great honour for Fred and Thomas.

Thomas (second from left) and Fred (second from right), along with Reece and Martin from BGWLC. Photo by Tiffany Annan.

Thomas, Fred, Reece Smith and Martin Bass travelled to Ashington in Northumberland on Friday 23rd October for the competition on the 24th.

Full results are available on the GBPF website, and our lifters’ results are below:

Thomas Celestin – squat: 240kg; bench: 127.5; deadlift: 305kg; total: 672.5kg
Fred Annan – squat: 200kg; bench: 162.5kg; deadlift: 280kg; total: 642.5kg

Overall, the England team won, with a Wilks total of 5041.

Congratulations to Fred & Thomas, and all the lifters who took part!

International Powerlifting Coaches UK

Renowned powerlifting coach and current manager of the GBPF British seniors team, Lawrence Farncombe, has put together a list of the top powerlifting coaches in the UK. We are proud to announce that our powerlifting coach, Martin Bass, is on this list, reflecting his success at both national and international level.

If you are in or near London and are serious about powerlifting, come and see us for some of the best coaching in the country. If you’re not near London, take a look at Coach Farncombe’s list to find a great coach near you.

International Powerlifting Coaches UK

GBPF Greater London Unequipped Powerlifting Competition – start list

Here is the start list for the GBPF Greater London Unequipped, which will be held at BGWLC on 25th July.

  • All women and men up to 83 kg – weigh in 08:00-09:15; lift off 09:45
  • All men 93kg and over – weigh in 11:00-12:15; lift off 12:45 (approx.)

PLEASE NOTE: due to the large number of entrants, the competition is going to be extremely busy and may well run late. Please help us to run the competition smoothly by arriving promptly, being aware of competition rules (permitted equipment, platform commands etc) and paying close attention to any announcements by the competition organiser on the day.

Emily Przeslak
Rebecca Heath

Linda Kaminski

Hannah Chan

Katrina Latuala
Kate Tyte
Leah Gerrant
Hannah Richardson
Erika Cule
Zoe Smails
Rebecca Lynn Nicholson
Nina Vicera

Julia Garwell
Kayley Stabler
Kasia Wozniak
Sarah Spence
Laura Porter
Orla Kaye

Fionnuala Hogan
Emma Gold
Ellie Rahmani
Chloe Whylie

Sylvia Osei–Tutu
Paola Roccuzzo

Lee Chedurun
Dave Pelta
Davis Adam
Nichol Deaddis

Dave McWilliams
Yano Mousavi
Rino Shala
John Corcoran
Daniel Wilkes
Ed Karim
Damian Jakubiec
Ben Thornton Smith
Freddie Groom
Harry Scott
Will Hayman
Leo Double
Ernie Parkes
Jason Jackson
Andy Ly

Jordan Scott
Husan Tamin
Ryan Josephs
Charlie Avery
Ben Morgan
Saad Mahmood
Peter Keleher
Antony Ung
Ivan Otim
Jack Warburton
Ify Adaroba
Diego Martinez
Michael Highland
Freddie Maguire
Stephan Osman
Alex Petrenco
Jack Hazeldene
Tris Gibbons

Kieran Stubbins
Reece Smith
Robert Rees
Tom Celestin
Patrick Clark

Dominic Patmore
Acos Ashioti
Eric Boama
Elliot Davies
George Maguire
Peter Spence
Paul Doherty

GBPF Greater London Divisional 16/05/2015 – start list

Here is the start list for the GBPF Greater London divisional competition, to be held at BGWLC on 16th May 2015.

If there are any errors on this list, please inform the competition organiser, Gary Bellinger, when you arrive at the venue; or use the contact details on the entry form.

All women & men up to 83kg

Weigh-in 08:00-09:15. Lift off 09:45

Group A

Rachel Smith

Rebecca Nicholson
Nina Vicera
Ashleigh Lawrence

Laura Porter
Ellie Rahmani
Diana Matlinger
Orla Kaye

Damien Jakubiel
Joao Curro
Jed Casco

Group B

Paul Marsh
Andrew Tull
John Green
Ed Karim
Ernie Parkes
James McDonald
Wade Lee
Michael Strzeleki
Ebinezer Osinowo
Feyz Nazin
Jason Jackson
Sebastion Mithulski
Nick Hodgson

All men 93kg and over

Weigh-in 11:30-13:00. Lift off 13:30

Group A

Ron Karim
Jeff Ocrah
Ivan Otim
Stephan Asman
Artjom Dashko
Frederick Annan
Diego Martinez

Group B

Kieran Stubbings
Thomas Celestin
Reece Smith
Chris Beight
Dylan Salmon
Chun Cheung
Hugo Duarte
James Bartle

Paul Doherty
Elliott Davis
Asif Ahmed

Total: 42 lifters.

Coaching Session at Homerton Hospital

Modern Physiotherapists are increasingly interested in what they can do to help more athletic populations recover – not just regaining basic mobility, but returning to fully active lifestyles and even to competition. One part of that process is the prescription of exercise, and a growing number of Physios are interested in the role that heavy weight training can play.

Of course, in order to prescribe effectively they first need to have practical experience of their own.

One Physio with an active interest in lifting is Fredy Markovits, of Homerton Hospital in Hackney. Fredy has been training with us at Bethnal Green for some time and since his department has acquired some good basic barbell kit, Fredy has been teaching the core Power lifts to other members of staff.

Last Wednesday, a group of coaches and lifters from BGWLC responded to Fredy’s invitation and spent an evening coaching the Physio team.


We were made very welcome by the 20 Physios in attendance. They were an enthusiastic and attentive group with a real range of experience. We organised them into groups and worked on squat and deadlift. We saw some excellent efforts and all of the Phsyios had an excellent training mindset. Inevitably, the deadlift session got a bit competitive…

Of course, working with such large groups meant it was impossible to give each trainee as much individual attention as the coaches would have liked. However, in the time we had, we were able to give some useful direction and see marked improvements in technique. It probably helped that as Physios, the technical aspects of lifting were already well understood and we were able to focus on the practicalities of getting under the bar.

There were also some excellent questions after the practical session – one or two of which made us think pretty hard!

As coaches, we felt we got a lot from it – it was interesting to work with so many novices  in close succession and we were able to see a real range of approaches to the lifts.

We were also pleased that a number of those taking part expressed an interest in visiting the club – we hope to see them down at Bethnal Green some time soon!

All in all, an enjoyable experience we’d be happy to repeat.

Thanks to Fredy for organising this and to Martin, Alan, Diego and Neal for giving up their evenings to coach.