National and International Results of BGWLC

2018 European Classic Bench Press Championships in Merignac, France

Jasmine Lake Snr -47kg, 5th


2018 IPF Classic Worlds in Calgary, Canada

Ernie Parkes M4 -74kg, 1st overall, bronze squat & gold deadlift

145/90/227.5 (WR)  Total=462.5kg

Moa Wikner Jnr -63kg, 5th overall

137.5/85/172.5  Total=395kg

Dapo Ojewale Jnr -93kg, 4th overall & silver deadlift

247.5/152.5/310  Total=710kg

2018 World Classic Bench Press Championships in Vantaa, Finland

Julian Massey M3 -120kg, 6th


Jasmine Moskim Snr -47kg, 6th


2018 European Classic in Helsingborg, Sweden

June Stamp M1 -47kg, 2nd overall and 3 silvers

85/42.5/105 Total=232.5kg

Ernie Parkes M4 -74kg

X/82.5/220(unofficial WR)

Thomas Celestin M2 -105kg, 6th overall and silver deadlift

245/110/300 Total=655kg

2018 British Ladies Classic in Manchester

Jasmine Moskim Snr-47kg, 4th overall

65/62.5/82.5  Total=210kg

Ingrid Charvet Snr -57kg, 15th overall

92.5/45/122.5  Total=260kg

Moa Wikner Jnr -63kg, 5th overall

135/77.5/165  Total=377.5kg

Karen Lai Snr -63kg, 14th overall

127.5/72.5/140  Total=340kg

Temitope Nuga Snr -84kg, 7th overall

152.5/85/192.5  Total=430kg

Sylvia Osei-Tutu Snr 84kg+, 12th overall

130/90/157.5  Total=377.5kg

2018 British Classic Bench Press Championships

Jasmine Lake Snr -47kg, 1st


Julian Massey M3 -120kg, 2nd


Richard Lewis M1 -105kg, 5th


2017 European Qualifiers in Horncastle, Lincolnshire

June Stamp M1 -47kg, 1st overall

82.5/42.5/102.5  Total=225kg

Alison Jones M2 -63kg, 2nd overall

97.5/52.5/127.5  Total=277.5kg

Laura Porter M1 -72kg, 8th overall

100/55/127.5  Total=282.5kg

Alan Joseph M2 -83kg, 2nd overall

205/125/250  Total=580kg

Michael Denzil M2 -105kg, 4th overall

172.5/112.5/200  Total=485kg

Thomas Celestin M1 -105kg, 1st overall

247.5/120/280  Total=647.5kg

2017 British Men’s Classic Championships

Lenny Oseni Snr -93kg, 5th overall

247.5/162.5/290  Total=700kg

George Seeger Snr -105kg, 5th overall

240/147.5/312.5  Total=700kg

Reese Smith Snr -105kg, 6th overall

255/150/280  Total=685kg

2017 Commonwealth Classic in Potchefstroom, South Africa

Rachel Smith M1 -52kg, 2nd overall, silver squat, silver deadlift & bronze bench

77.5/37.5/107.5  Total=222.5kg

2017 European Classic Bench Press in Finland

Richard Lewis

2017 Ladies Championships

Jasmine Moskim Snr -47kg

65/60/82.5 Total=207.5kg

Ingrid Snr -57kg

90/47.5/125 Total=260kg

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