London & South East Open – report

BWL London & South East Open, Crystal Palace, 1st November 2014

By Patrick Atteridge

Hamza Abiyo, who is the new weightlifting coach at the Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club, showed how it’s done with a great display of power & skill on Saturday 1st November, at the London & South East Open.

He broke the club records in all movements in the 105kg class, only weighing 96.45kg.

Stating with a light opener of 105kg in the snatch, he jumped to 115kg, making this look easier than his first lift. He then asked for a massive 125kg for a personal best and new club record; amazingly, he made this his best lift. The crowd went mad, as I think no-one believed he could do this with a 10kg jump.

The clean & jerk was to prove a bit harder, as from his last snatch to his opener there was less than 15 minutes, and Hamza wasn’t fully recovered – but recovery is the name of the game!

After a near miss on his opener, with 125kg, he asked for 132kg. This proved to be much better. He then asked for 137kg for a personal best clean & jerk, and total. This final lift was better than the previous two!

Hamza finished in 3rd place, with new Bethnal Green records in all lifts. Well done Hamza!

Hamza coaching weightlifters at BGWLC

Hamza coaching weightlifters at BGWLC. Photo by Sarah Ainslie.

If you want to lift with Coach Hamza, he is at BGWLC on Wednesday & Friday evenings, Thursday mornings and Saturday 10am-12pm. See our Opening Times for details.