Temporary Lockdown Closure

As directed by the government, BGWLC will be closed until further notice. We anticipate reopening on Dec 3 2020, but will confirm this nearer to the time.

From: The trustees of Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club

Gym Re-Opening 27 July

The government have announced that gyms will be permitted to reopen later this month. Many BGWLC members have expressed a desire to return to training as soon as possible and the Trustees have decided to reopen from Monday 27th July.

In the current circumstances, it is essential that changes are made to the way in which we conduct training activities within the gym. Specifically, we are introducing measures to minimise the risk of coronavirus infection to coaches and gym users. These measures are detailed below.

Please note – nobody should feel any pressure or expectation to attend the gym – we are reopening in response to demand from users who feel they are otherwise unable to train. Training subscriptions will remain suspended and training will be strictly PAYG for all – £8/session.

See Opening Times for more information on when training sessions will be happening and how to apply for a session.


The Trustees of Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club

Restricted Availability

Training is only available to existing members of BGWLC.

Training is by appointment only – if you have not agreed an appointment, do not come to the gym.

Numbers are limited. In order to safely accommodate lifters, we have had to restrict the number who can train at any given time to a maximum of 10. In order to maximise the number of lifters who can train in a day, we will also be introducing split sessions.

New Opening Hours

For the time being, our weekday evening opening will be split into two sessions, from 5-6.45 and from 7-8.45. These timings are strict and the gym will be closed between sessions – latecomers to an early session will not be allowed to stay later or roll over to the next session.

General Restrictions

If any gym user experiences Covid-19 symptoms, they must inform the Coaches and self-isolate as per the government guidelines.

Changing Rooms and Showers will not be available

Toilet facilities will be restricted to one user at a time

Lifters should bring their own water, no other food or drink permitted.

No shared chalk will be available. Lifters who prefer to use chalk should bring their own.

No socialising – lifters must leave the gym as soon as individual training has been completed

Before Training

Liaise with coaches for ‘Back to training’ discussion

Read and sign the COVID-19 Training Agreement

While Training

Use provided sanitiser on entering and leaving gym

Each lifter will be assigned a platform, they may not use any other.

One lifter per platform

No sharing of bars

No spotting or handing over Dumbbells or Bars.

No weight to be loaded which may require spotting

Clean your own bar and weights before and after use.

Coaching Session at Homerton Hospital

Modern Physiotherapists are increasingly interested in what they can do to help more athletic populations recover – not just regaining basic mobility, but returning to fully active lifestyles and even to competition. One part of that process is the prescription of exercise, and a growing number of Physios are interested in the role that heavy weight training can play.

Of course, in order to prescribe effectively they first need to have practical experience of their own.

One Physio with an active interest in lifting is Fredy Markovits, of Homerton Hospital in Hackney. Fredy has been training with us at Bethnal Green for some time and since his department has acquired some good basic barbell kit, Fredy has been teaching the core Power lifts to other members of staff.

Last Wednesday, a group of coaches and lifters from BGWLC responded to Fredy’s invitation and spent an evening coaching the Physio team.


We were made very welcome by the 20 Physios in attendance. They were an enthusiastic and attentive group with a real range of experience. We organised them into groups and worked on squat and deadlift. We saw some excellent efforts and all of the Phsyios had an excellent training mindset. Inevitably, the deadlift session got a bit competitive…

Of course, working with such large groups meant it was impossible to give each trainee as much individual attention as the coaches would have liked. However, in the time we had, we were able to give some useful direction and see marked improvements in technique. It probably helped that as Physios, the technical aspects of lifting were already well understood and we were able to focus on the practicalities of getting under the bar.

There were also some excellent questions after the practical session – one or two of which made us think pretty hard!

As coaches, we felt we got a lot from it – it was interesting to work with so many novices  in close succession and we were able to see a real range of approaches to the lifts.

We were also pleased that a number of those taking part expressed an interest in visiting the club – we hope to see them down at Bethnal Green some time soon!

All in all, an enjoyable experience we’d be happy to repeat.

Thanks to Fredy for organising this and to Martin, Alan, Diego and Neal for giving up their evenings to coach.