2014 Greater London Championships – report

GBPF Greater London Powerlifting Championships – Saturday 22nd November 2014

By Martin Bass; photos by Dave McWilliams.

BGWLC packed with spectators

BGWLC packed with spectators

We held the Greater London Champs with over 60 Lifters competing overall; 16 plus 1 guest represented the BGWLC.

5 men were competing for the first time, 2 of whom – Mike and Jason – were trying to qualify for the British Masters Champs. I will try to keep this article brief otherwise, with 17 Lifters, it could be a lengthy report!

We had 3 ladies competing, Rachel 52s M1, Laura and Orla both 72s.

RACHEL SMITH: 65(pb)/32.5/87.5 – Total: 180kg
LAURA PORTER: 95/52.5(pb)/120(pb) – Total: 267.5kg(pb)
ORLA KAYE: 82.5(pb)/55(pb)/102.5(pb) – Total: 240kg(pb)

Mike Denzil

Mike Denzil

All the ladies did well, with a sprinkling of personal bests. Rachel a 65kg squat; Laura a 52.5kg bench press and a big 120kg deadlift, plus total; and Orla a full house – squat, bench press, deadlift, total just falling 5kgs short of qualifying for the British Ladies. Next time!

5 Men were competing for the first time.

WADE LEE: 83s (b/wt 77) 157.5/105/180 – Total 442.5kg

NIZANIEL BUERY: 83s 147.5/140/210 – Total 497.5kg

MIKE DENZIL: 83s M1 150/107.5/190 – Total 447.5kg

JASON JACKSON: 83s M1 160/122.5/215 – Total 497.5kg

SAHEED MAHOOD: 93s 157.5/95/210 – Total 470kg

All the boys did very well with both the M1s qualifying for the British Masters next year. A special note for young Wade, who technically is very good showing plenty of potential.

Next up, James McDonald, making a come back at 74s, coming down from 83s.

JAMES MCDONALD: 74s 120/90/160 – Total 370kg

Good weights from James, with more to come at this bodyweight.

Alan Joseph

Alan Joseph

We had 2 other Masters Lifters, Alan 83s M1 (M2 next year) and Didier 93s M1.

ALAN JOSEPH: 83s M1 150/115/230 – Total 495kg

Alan has been carrying an injury so a qualifying total was all that was needed. (Get fixed Al!)

DIDIER KAN: 93s M1 205(pb)/115/215(pb) – Total 535kg(pb)

A very good performance from Didier.

In the 93s Seniors we had Ivan, Frederick and Anthony.

IVAN OTIM: 93s 190/120/257.5 – Total 567.5kg(pb)

FREDERICK ANNAN: 93s (85.3 – eat more Fred!) 190/157.5/245 – Total 592.5kg(pb)

ANTHONY UNG: 93s 200(pb)/120(pb)/250(pb) – Total 570kg(pb)

Anthony had looked good training with Steve lately and the numbers reflected this. Personal bests all round making up for the disappointment of missing the British.

We had 2 105s, Thomas plus a bigger Reece coming up from the 93s.

REECE SMITH: 105s 215(pb)/145/255(pb) – Total 615kg(pb)

6 months at this body weight will see Reece’s numbers climb.

THOMAS CELESTIN: 105s 242.5(pb)*/120/312.5(pb)* – Total 675kg(pb)*

*These pbs reflect Tom’s numbers since his shoulder surgery. As you can see the bench is still a work in progress.

Big Dave lifted as a guest and did very well.

DAVE RYGIELSKI: 120s (114) 205/140/250 – Total 595kg

As usual all our Lifters did well for the Gym. Thanks to our two new refs, Laura and Neal who did a good job, and also to the loaders, supporters and everyone who mucked in to tidy up afterwards ready for the BodyMASS Regional Competition that we hosted the next day.

Thanks to all.


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