2014 British Women’s Classic – report

This year Bethnal Green hosted the Ladies’ Championship and the place was heaving. 60 plus ladies were to lift including four from Bethnal Green.

Rachel Smith 52s
Tiffany Annan 57s
Laura Porter 72s
Anna Macnab 84+


Squat – This was only Rachel’s second competition and she was nervous. She opened with 60kg which was successful. 65kg next was missed and also missed again on her third attempt.

Bench – An easy opener of 32.5kg was followed yet again with two misses of 35kg. Not the best of starts at your first championship, but the deadlift was to come and maybe a PB could be had!

Deadlift – A good solid opener of 85kg was followed by 90kg for an equally good second. 95kg was put on the bar for a PB third attempt which Rachel pulled really well. A 7.5kg increase ended her day on a good note. From a pretty poor start Rachel still managed a PB deadlift and total. So you never know!


Tiffany Annan

Tiffany Annan

Squat – Three good squats resulting in a PB of 102.5kg was a great start to her competition.

Bench – An easy opener of 50kg was followed by two misses of 52.5kg leaving her with just her opening Bench (she was not happy!)

Deadlift – A good solid opener of 115kg was followed by a very strong 122.5kg for a good PB. 127.5kg for the third attempt proved just too heavy on the day. A good day for Tiff, PBs in the squat, deadlift and total with, I’m sure, more to come.

Tiffany’s coach, Frederick Annan, is doing a good job – keep it going Fred!

See all of Tiffany’s lifts on YouTube.

Tiffany Annan - 122.5kg deadlift

Tiffany Annan – 122.5kg deadlift


Squat – Laura opened with a fairly comfortable 90kg. This was followed with an even better 95kg second attempt. She has spent a long time hoping to get 100kg squat, so third attempt 100kg was taken. Success! And a very happy lifter.

Laura deserves much credit for her attitude and perseverance and is a good example for all, showing what can be achieved over time.

Bench – 47.5kg to open was followed by two misses of 50kg. Laura’s Bench is always and bit hit and miss, and today was no exception.

Laura Porter - 117.5kg deadlift

Laura Porter – 117.5kg deadlift

Deadlift – Laura has missed a few deadlifts by losing her grip on one hand and has been doing a bit of grip work to try and remedy this. A very easy 110kg opener was followed by a strong 115kg which was her previous best. 117.5kg for her third attempt and a possible PB if her grip held. It did. A solid 117.5kg and she was pleased.

Although nervous all week, she still achieved PBs in squat, deadlift and total. Not a bad day’s work.


Anna had been looking strong in training in the last few weeks so we were hoping for good numbers.

Squat – A good solid opener of 172.5kg set Anna up for a 180kg British record attempt on her second. This she completed better than the 172.5kg. A big big 185kg was put on for her third. A tight controlled descent, a strong upward drive, 185kg for a new British record!

Anna Macnab - 180kg deadlift

Anna Macnab – 180kg deadlift

Bench – A 77.5kg first attempt was followed by a hard 82.5kg. 85kg for the third was missed (work to be done).

Deadlift – We thought Anna would hit some good numbers in the squat, but with the deadlift we were not so sure. We brought her opener down to 170kg and this was completed successfully. A bit more speed was needed for the 180kg second attempt which she achieved. A British record attempt of 185.5kg for her third was asked for. This would require all Anna had left, especially at the top/lockout. Her determination was good and a very hard pull saw her successfully complete the lift.

What a day! Three PBs, squat, deadlift and total – all British records and British Champion. For Anna these numbers are starting to become very good and if she continues to improve the Worlds next year might be interesting.

See Anna’s lifts on YouTube.

All the ladies lifted very well, with a selection of PBs for each of them.

Laura, coach Martin & Anna

Laura, coach Martin & Anna

I would like to thank all the boys who helped with the loading: Reece, Dominic, Louis, Alec, Ryan, Chris, Diego, and Big Dave. And a special thanks to Neil for coming to the gym and sorting out the audio equipment on Saturday morning.

Next up – the British Men’s Unequipped in two weeks!


All photos © Grant Hendry-Horne.