EUROPEAN MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS 6th to 10th March 2018 Helsingborg, Sweden

This year, BGWLC have three lifters selected to compete for Great Britain – Thomas Celestin (105kg) , Ernie and June. They will be joined by current World Masters M2 (93kg) champion Robert Rodney. This is the first European Powerlifting championships and will be held in  Helsingborg, Sweden over the course of this week, we wish the lifters much success.

Full results will be available on the EPF website


Entries Open For 2018 Southern Masters Weightlifting Championships, 10-11 Nov

Entry to the Championships are now open and will close as soon we have 100 Lifters : please note now accepting 50 men and 50 ladies due to demand.

For a copy of the entry form, click on the link. Please note that Martin Bass’ postcode is IG1 3HG and not the one on the form!

Current confirmed lifters: Men 50/50 Ladies 45/50


Mark Welch, Mark Bass, Shafiq Malik, Jason Zawadzki, Russell Howarth, James Sturtridge, Graham Skinner, Neil Sherlock, Warren Margolin, Chris Oultram, Dave Morgan, Mark Anderson, David Glendower, James Hipkiss, John Collins, David Woodhouse, Robert Quantrell, Micheal Roach, Stephen Hyland, Owen Davies, John Walton, James Dyer, Russell Turner, Sergio Sellanes, Lee Adams, Khoa Vo, Peter Cardinal, Krzysztof Piatkowski, Allan Figueiredo, Patrick Atteridge, Paul Mitchell, Mohammed Butt, Jim Ferguson, Ryan Coyle, Mark Martin-Dyne, Patrick Skyman, Lee Ottey, David Esterhuizen, Julian Potts, Stuart Thurgood, David East, Andy Johnson, Theodore Chen, Gareth Morgan, Lloyd Morgan, Aaron Holt,George Foulgham, Phil Spencer, Iheke Ndukne .



Trisha Forbe, Seema Robbins, Georgina Williams, Jo Howe, Clair Fiddaman, Jane Anderson, Fiona Hipkiss, Nicky Yudin, Daphne Harvey, Dayna Altenor, Miriam Messemer, Claire Roseman, Colleen Butler, Voula Karavias, Vicki Rishbeth, Fran Laughlin, Jade Follows, Emma Suckling, Cheryl Williams, Sally Moss, Cheryl Crosbie, Jan Pope, Sharon O’Reilly, Kaye Gueich, Amanda Wilson,Elaine Sims, Paula Phillips,Annie Ottey, Suzanne Cooper, Karen Hawen, Alexandra Vov Haselberg, Francesca Zedda, Amy Kirby-Saunders,Natalie Ray, Suleen Syn, Beth Massey, Lynette Murad,Victoria Man,Lou Herron,Nina Jones,Suzanne Cooper, Jo Macmanus, Clio Bellenis, Chloe Lewis, Szilyia Szabo

Please note : there are 5 Ladies places left . If they are not taken by Saturday the 18th August they will be given to the Men on the waiting list.

Ernie Parkes winning golds!

Congratulations to the amazing Ernie Parkes (M4 u74kg) on winning gold and overall gold medals with his world record 227.5kg deadlift in this year’s World’s Classic Powerlifting Competition. This makes him the first 70yr+ to pull 3x his bodyweight!

Ernie had to jump 15kg to beat the Japanese competitor in an exciting head to head.

He was presented with a lovely cake by Henry Bergson to mark this occasion.

Abbie K selected for the Invictus Games

Congratulations to our lifter Abbie Kasparis who has been selected for Team UK for The Invictus Games in Sydney in October. Earlier this year, Abbie was referred to coach Martin Bass to improve her benching with a view to securing a place in the Invictus team. She was fortunate to get picked (72 competitors from 451 applicants) and is looking forward to October in Australia.