The Fab Two: Moa & Dapo

Just a few words regarding the performance of two of our juniors, Moa and Dapo, at this year’s European Classic Powerlifting Championship held in Kaunas. They were magnificent.

It was the end of a long year competing for both of them; the Worlds in Calgary in June, their respective British Championships in September and October, culminating with the European Juniors in the last week of November.

Moa Wikner

This is Moa’s last year as a junior and she finished it very well, 3rd overall and a Gold medal in deadlift. Throughout the year she strives to get better and is a determined trainer in the gym. On the platform she got her rewards.

I must mention her last deadlift, she needed to pull 180kg (a big deadlift for a 63kg class lady) to place 3rd overall and secure deadlift gold. One lift for all the money. Her second attempt had been 177.5kg (PB) and that was hard enough. She pulls 180kg (PB)! It wasn’t pretty, it was as hard as it could be but she did it! On coming off the platform she was totally spent and empty.

For me she will pull a bigger deadlift but not a better one!

Adedapo Ojewale

Dapo is a young man with tremendous potential. This year unfortunately he has been managing an injury which as yet has not been sorted out. This has meant that on the squat and to a lesser degree the deadlift, loading him up prior to a competition has not been possible. At the European’s his preparation was very hit and miss but as he always does, he came good on the platform. Like all good lifters the platform is where they make a statement.

He achieved 5th overall and silver in the deadlift. A PB Total and deadlift was his reward for persevering throughout a less than perfect training cycle.

Both Moa and Dapo deserve the utmost credit for the way they both lift and represent BGWLC and Great Britain.


Dapo, Moa, Nathan Winsala with Martin. Medal haul: 2 bronzes, 2 silvers and 1 gold.

Moa is British Women’s Junior Champion!

Well done to Moa!

And in her own words:

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🇬🇧 BRITISH CHAMPION 🇬🇧 To get to step up there on the podium… words can't describe it. I had an amazing comp with PBs in all lifts, a British bench press record, a British deadlift record (that @suzannelifts well deserved took a minute later, amazing to watch💪) and a British total record🏆 I gave it my all yesterday, trusted the work that me and @deadliftbig have put in and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome than this!! I went 9 for 9 for the first time with my best lifts being 140kg squat (+2.5kg PB), 90.5kg bench (+5.5kg PB) and 178.5kg deadlift (+6kg PB) giving me a total of 409kg (+14kg PB)! And 445wilks being a lightweight at 61.9kg bw🐜 I am so thankful for the support from my @bethnalgreenwlc fam, so greatful to have a coach like @deadliftbig that I can trust 110% and so lucky to have my friends and family cheering me on, watching the stream ❤ It was an honour to share the platform with the strongest jr women in the UK – we were all competing against eachother but I don't think you can find another sport where there is this kind of atmosphere, amazing!♀ And truly amazing lifting from @suzannelifts and @makeda_vidal bringing home the hardware too, inspiring to see both you lift (damn those squats and deadlifts!!) and happy I got to meet you ❤ Now it's time to eat, rest and get back to the drawing board… November is coming up😏💪 • • • #britishpowerlifting #rawpowerlifting #strength #strong #gym #gymlife #styrkelyft #britishchampionships #champion #pb #squat #bench #deadlift #sbd #powerlifting #powerlifter #girlswithmuscle #girlswhopowerlift #gymgirls #girlswholift #greaterlondonpowerlifting #swedish #tyngre #eleikosport #eleiko @tyngre @sbdapparel @eleikosport

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