Moa does it again! Commonwealth 63 Champion

Moa Wikner comes back with a full suite of PB’S and Gold medals from the Commonwealth Championships.

And in her own words ….

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🏆 COMMONWEALTH CHAMPION 2019 🏆 Friday was all I could wish for and all I had worked for. I went 9 for 9 (first time ever I think?) and got PB's in all my lifts! Ended up with a 150kg SQ, 95kg BP and a 187.5kg DL for a 432.5kg total, all individual golds and the overall gold 💪 An amazing competition hosted by @cpupowerlifting , hands down an incredible job with the venue, the running of the event and the atmosphere 🇨🇦 @genopowerlifting giving the crowd a show, putting in 110% for each lifter 🙌 To be a part of the English Team has been a joy, all smiles and all hard workers! Thank you @dual_strength and @marsh.coaching for letting me do my thing, being perfect handlers believing in me. And thank you @deadliftbig for helping me to where I am today, truly the best coach there is out there 💫 And not to forget my family and friends, supporting me from both Sweden and the UK. Last but not least @bd_pwrlifting_ldn , who is not just my bag carrier and bar loader (jokes 😂) but my number one supporter and my inspiration ❤ Individual lift break down to come (probably 🤷) but now back to eating, sleeping and enjoying beautiful Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦 • • • #powerlifter #powerlifting #commonwealths #champion #squat #bench #deadlift #sbd #britishpowerlifting #rawpowerlifting #strength #strong #ipf #canada #girlswhopowerlift #pb #u63 #sbdapparel #eleiko #tyngre #eleikosport

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Southern Masters Entry Form 2019

The 2019 Southern Masters Weightlifting Championships will be held at BGWLC on Sat 16th & Sun 17th November.

Entries will be kept open until there are 100 competitors, 50 male and 50 female. This can be followed on a separate post.

Entry form:

Progress of entries:

2019 English Inter-regional Championships

This years Championships were held in Flitwick, Bedford. The Greater London team gave it their all and won!

The Greater London team members:

  • Mason Mills -120kg (Crystal Palace )
  • Ebenezer Koya -83kgJ (Crystal Palace )
  • Sonia Fierro -57kg (Commando Temple)
  • Diego Martinez-Rodney -83kg (BGWLC )
  • Grace Stilgoe -64kg (BGWLC )
  • Temitope Nuga -83kg (BGWLC)

Well done team!

Below are the lifts of the Bethnal Green lifters.

Report: 2019 World Classic Championships

2019 World Classic Championships held at Helsingborg, Sweden, 3-16 June. By Martin Bass

We had 8 of our lifters competing at this year’s World’s – AMAZING!!!

  • 2 Juniors: Dapo & Nathan
  • 2 Seniors: Jurins & Temi
  • 4 Masters: Thomas, June, Paola & Ernie

For your information, this year’s championship’s weigh-in time was at 6am – 7.30am for an 8am lift-off. Try it!

June and Ernie were up first on Day 1.

Ernie (bottom middle) & June (bottom right) with Martin, Alan and some of the Masters team

Ernie Parkes M4 -74kg

Ernie did what Ernie does, went 7/9 and finished with a 220kg deadlift to come 1st. This was Ernie’s 5th World Championships victory – 5 TIMES WORLD CHAMPION.

June Stamp M2 -47kg

June had some stiff competition, after all this is the World’s!

Missing her first 2 squats didn’t help the nerves but she got her 3rd attempt which also gained her a silver medal. A PB bench press and PB deadlift contributed to an equal PB total which placed her 4th overall. It’s not easy!

Paola Roccuzzo M1 -84kg

Paola (right) with other M1 ladies

Paola went 7/9 with a big 172.5kg deadlift to finish and a 5th overall place in her first international. A very good performance, Paola shows very little nerves and enjoyed herself throughout.

Thomas Celestin M1 -105kg

Thomas (2nd from the right)

This was Tom’s 2nd International and his training had been good. 2/3 squats with a PB 257.5kg was a good start. Tom’s bench is not the best due to an old injury so 3 easy benches and then it was deadlift time.

An easy opener of 287.5kg was followed by a 305kg second. 310kg on the bar for his 3rd and a probable medal. Tom pulled it – completed the lift but unfortunately had soft knees and received 3 reds from the refs. The one that got away! Anyway a good day for Tom, a PB squat, a PB total and a top 10 finish!

Nathan Winsala Jnr -74kg

Young Nathan ia a real talent. A huge PB squat of 257.5kg was followed by a PB bench of 137.5kg. 2 deadlifts finishing on 275kg but missing 285kg gave him a massive 670kg PB total, 4th place finish and a bronze medal for his squat.

Adedapo Ojewale Jnr -93kg

Dapo was looking for something big in his deadlift and his training had been going well. 3 squats 240/250/255 was a good start. He missed his opener on the bench, got it on his second then finished on 160kg. Deadlift time! 305kg for an easy opener – except he rushed it and missed the lift. He took it again for his second attempt, a good lift so let’s move on. Missing his opener changed things as he only had one more attempt left. Anyway, we put in 330kg and waited for all the other lifters to finish. 330kg stayed on the bar to give Dapo the opportunity to pull for 2nd place overall. A good effort but just too much on the day. (Lessons learnt!) A silver medal in the deadlift was Dapo’s reward but he was very disappointed with himself for a while. The big total is in there and COMING SOOOON!

Jurins Kengamu Snr -83kg

Jurins is a very, very strong 83kg lifter. 3 good squats with a massive 272.5kg PB third. 2/3 benches set him up for a big total. A 285kg opener on the deadlift was followed 300kg. 305kg for his third was just missed. A PB squat and a PB total of 727.5kg gave him a very good day!

Temitope Nuga Snr -84kg

This was Temi’s first international after her win at this year’s British. Her bodyweight was down from 85kg to just 80kg so we would see how she looked. 2/3 squats, 172.5/177.5kg missing 182.5kg was a good start. 3 comfortable benches 90/92.5/95kg adding to her Total. Temi is a good deadlifter so we would have to see what she might need to pull to, maybe, get a medal. A comfortable 205kg opener was followed by 217.5kg. 227.5kg was needed for a medal. 227.5kg was pulled for a bronze medal, British and European Records. A PB total, PB deadlift and a medal at Temi’s first international – FANTASTIC!

Report: 2019 Women’s All England Powerlifting Championships

2019 Women’s All England Powerlifting Championships held at Moulton College on 25/26 May, by Martin Bass

We had 5 ladies representing BGWLC at this year’s championships:

  • Ruth Salu Jnr -57kg
  • Alison Jones M2 -63kg
  • Karen Lai Snr -63kg
  • Grace Stilgoe Snr -63kg
  • Moa Wikner Snr -63kg

Ruth Salu

This was Ruth’s first national competition and she did very well. Going 8/9 and getting PBs in squat, bench press, deadlift and total. 4th overall and a good performance.

Alison Jones

Alison didn’t get of to the best of starts only getting one squat. The bench was the same, only getting her opener, missing her 2nd (no energy) so we left the 3rd attempt.

We dropped her opening deadlift as she was obviously struggling. 120kg to open followed by a very good 130kg. Then 137.5kg for an all time PB. All credit to Alison for staying in the competition and ending up with a BIG DEADLIFT and 1ST place (you never know)!

Karen Lai

Karen was looking to put a good total together as her training had been going well. 2/3 squats was a good start. The bench finished on 90kg for an all time PB. 2/3 in the deadlifts gave Karen a PB total coming 4th overall on bodyweight. A good day.

Grace Stilgoe

Grace was looking to go over 400kg for the first time. A 150kg squat on her 3rd attempt was a good start. A PB 3rd attempt bench of 82.5kg set her up for her 400kg total! 2/3 deadlifts contributed to a 405kg PB total and 2nd place overall. Much more to come.

Moa Wikner

Not the best of starts for Moa, only getting her opening squat! (This is where I DON’T criticise the refs but I want to). 2 benches 87.5kg and 90kg, missed 92.5kg set her up for a good total. 2/3 on the deadlift had Moa finishing with 417.5kg for 1st place. Time for Moa to rest now as she has had some very hard competitions recently.

Anyway, as usual our lifters performed – 2×1sts, 1×2nd and 2×4ths.