Introduction to Strength Training (Women Only)

Upcoming 2017 Classes

  • TBC
All 9am – 12pm

Strong women!

Friendly & professional sessions taking place in a safe space in a private gym with experienced powerlifters and British Powerlifting accredited coaches.

Taking you through the three main lifts:
Low learner/coach ratio – so you get the attention you need to work on your technique, build your confidence and discover just how strong you are.

You are stronger than you think!

Bench press


The class costs £30 – payable in advance.
NOTE: If you are a resident of Tower Hamlets, the class is FREE


How to Register

To join up, you have to do two things:

Register with Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club as a “Registered Non-Member” – there’s no charge and you can do it online here.

Select a class. Once you have registered, you will be emailed with your account details. If you log in to your account and select the “Payment” tab, you’ll see a list of the classes which are available.

If you are a resident of the Borough of Tower Hamlets, please choose a class with “(TH)” at the end of the name. Otherwise, please choose a class without the “(TH)”