GBPF 4 Nations 2015 – results

The 4 Nations is an annual competition held by the GBPF featuring teams from Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. Each region selects 8 lifters from national competitions to compete for a trophy and the title of Best Home Nation.

This year, BGWLC had two lifters selected to compete for England – Thomas Celestin (105kg) and Fred Annan (93kg), based on their performances at the All-England. Each nation selects only 4 male and 4 female lifters in each of the equipped and unequipped categories, so this was a great honour for Fred and Thomas.

Thomas (second from left) and Fred (second from right), along with Reece and Martin from BGWLC. Photo by Tiffany Annan.

Thomas, Fred, Reece Smith and Martin Bass travelled to Ashington in Northumberland on Friday 23rd October for the competition on the 24th.

Full results are available on the GBPF website, and our lifters’ results are below:

Thomas Celestin – squat: 240kg; bench: 127.5; deadlift: 305kg; total: 672.5kg
Fred Annan – squat: 200kg; bench: 162.5kg; deadlift: 280kg; total: 642.5kg

Overall, the England team won, with a Wilks total of 5041.

Congratulations to Fred & Thomas, and all the lifters who took part!